Raspberry filmed at 210fps.

Blowing the raspberry pattern
with the Casio EX-FH20 High Speed Camera.


Raspberry: 240fps

Blowing a raspberry filmed in 240fps slomo with the Fuji HS10.
Flicker is due to the frequency of the mains lighting at 60Hz - outdoors in sunlight the flicker effect in HS videos does not appear.

Raspberry Lips

Bronx Cheer

In the terminology of phonetics, the sound produced by the raspberry pattern can be described as an unvoiced linguolabial trill. It is never used in human language phonemically (i.e., to be used as a building block of words), but it is widely used across human cultures. Nomenclature varies, in the United States, a Bronx cheer is sometimes used; otherwise, in the US and in other English-speaking countries, it is known as a raspberry, rasp or razz—the origin of which is an instance of rhyming slang, in which the non-rhyming part of a rhyming phrase is used as a synonym. In this case, "raspberry tart" rhymes with "fart". It was first recorded in 1890.
The term "Bronx Cheer" is used sarcastically because it's not a cheer; it is used to show disapproval. The term originated as a reference to the sound used by some spectators in Yankee Stadium, located in the Bronx, New York City.

Golden Raspberry Awards

The Golden Raspberry Awards, a parody of the Oscars, are designed to dishonor the worst films, actors, directors, etc.
George Carlin, on his 1972 album "Class Clown", refers to this action as the bi-labial fricative.
In 1978, the former members of the BBC radio comedy show The Goon Show, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, and Spike Milligan released an album entitled The Goons' Unchained Melodies. One of the final songs was entitled The Raspberry Song, in which Eccles blows a raspberry throughout the song.
The Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies, were created by John Wilson in 1980 (and first awarded in 1981) to counterpoint the Academy Awards by dishonoring (or honoring) the worst acting, screenwriting, songwriting, directing, and films that the film industry had to offer.

Slow Motion Raspberry

The Raspberry Pattern represented here is slowed down as it produces a noise similar to that created by flatulence. The  protracted expulsion of air through the lips to reproduce the sound similar to that of gas as it is passed through the rectum is made by the continual pattern that the mouth forms during this act.